Christian and Lucia:
the creators of Il Convito della Venaria

Where the charm of Italian stately homes
marries gourmet cuisine

Relationships and couples in particular are like pieces of a puzzle. Often the pieces don’t fit properly, so you put them back in the box. Christian and Lucia have found that perfect fit and are following a path without forcing themselves to succeed in life and business. They make what they do natural and unique.
Christian and Lucia met while working together about fifteen years ago at La Locanda Solarola. (La Locanda Solarola was also a point of arrival in the life of a famous chef, Bruno Barbieri. With his Michelin stars, Bruno Barbieri is one of the strictest technical judges of the popular television programme Masterchef.)
A deep feeling was born from that shared experience, leading them to build something important together, something that expresses their passions and their initiative.

He, a chef, and she, maître de salle, they soon decided to make their dream come true by opening Il Convito della Venaria in 2008. A successful combination of love and food, which quickly made Il Convito one of the best-loved restaurants on the outskirts of Turin, both by people who live in Piedmont and by those who have had the good fortune, discovering the Reggia di Venaria, to sit at their table.