Christian Contu,
the chef of Il Convito della Venaria

Art in the kitchen, between tradition and innovation

Christian Contu, a chef of Sardinian-Piedmontese origin, loves to travel with his imagination, recreating in his dishes the taste and wisdom of tradition together with the originality of new and complex cooking techniques.

Christian has built up his professional experience by working in starred restaurants alongside high-profile chefs from a very young age. One of his first experiences was at the Antica Zecca where he worked for several years. Another was in New York at the San Domenico directed by Tony May. Later he found himself working as chef de partie for rice and pasta dishes alongside the renowned chef Roy Cacares who was chef de partie for mains. The two were guided by the famous chef Antonella Scardovi who paved the way forward for Bruno Barbieri, starred chef and Masterchef judge. Christian also took part in the National Contest held by Riso Gallo, taking second place by putting together a very special creation, Piedmontese risotto with Sardinian tradition. Through these experiences, Christian Contu has refined his research and skills to become a chef whose culinary talents attract the interest and attention of many professionals in the sector.

The thoughts and hands of Christian are filled with both the flavours and colours of the Lanzo Valleys, his mother’s home, and those of Sardinia, the island where his father was born. In the last ten years his research has also been directed towards Gargano, a land of sheep-farming, agriculture and fishing, where his partner in life, Lucia, was born. This combination of experiences creates a taste rich in suggestions, capable of expressing the magic of the Sardinian island, the green and lush soul of Piedmont and the simplicity and warmth of the South.

Every dish becomes a story to discover, a unique and sensual journey of the palate through the places of Italy and also a path of taste over time, which combines the new with the old.

Christian sees food as one of the most authentic and finest expressions of culture. This is why he fills his creations with all the passion and all the courage necessary to ensure that tasting his cuisine becomes a very rewarding and very special experience.

Since 2008 Christian has become the chef-patron of Il Convito della Venaria, a restaurant just outside Turin sought after for its originality and creativity in the preparation and composition of every dish.