il convito della venaria

Haute cuisine at Il Convito della Venaria

A charming restaurant just outside Turin

In front of the entrance of the Venaria Palace, in Repubblica Square, there is Il Convito della Venaria, one of Turin’s most elegant restaurants, situated just outside the city. The bright, spacious dining room is the perfect setting in which to enjoy all the flavour of gourmet cuisine, characterised by constant and creative gastronomic research carried out by chef Christian Contu.

“Eating is to incorporate a territory”


Our Restaurant

The restaurant offers one large dining room and one “vip” room in the ground floor; in the second floor we have two more intimate rooms with a special Venaria Palace view and in the outside we have a nice dehor overlooking the great Via Mensa.

Our Cafè

Il Convito della Venaria is also a special place where take a break. Our Cafè Zone it’s perfect for a coffee or a sandwich after visiting Venaria Palace. Chicco della Reggia is the artisanal brand of coffee roasted at Il Convito della Venaria.

Our Rooms

For tourism or for work, you can also spend the night in our rooms. “La Finestra sulla Reggia” is our B&B brand and includes 5 beautiful rooms in front of the Venaria Palace.

Our Chef, Christian Contu

Christian Contu sees food as one of the most authentic and refined expressions of culture. This is why his research unites the old with the new, in a far-reaching and constant reinterpretation of the culinary tradition that inspires him, developing extremely creative and original dishes.
Il Convito della Venaria, one of Turin’s finest restaurants, situated just outside the city, brings art and a love of cooking to the table.




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