Il Convito della Venaria, a place to savour all
the flavour of fine food

Il Convito is one of Turin’s gourmet restaurants, just outside the city

Less than fifty steps from the entrance to the Reggia, in Piazza dell’Orologio, is Il Convito della Venaria, one of the most elegant restaurants in Venaria. It offers guests one large dining room and two smaller, more intimate rooms, designed and managed by Christian and Lucia, who share a deep love of haute cuisine and excellent taste.

Il Convito della Venaria has a large hexagonal dining room on the ground floor, with four large arches with seventeenth-century features that frame the space. In the evening, soft, warm lighting creates a very special ambience, characterised by an evocative and convivial atmosphere, creating the perfect setting in which to spend a very pleasant evening.

The upper floor houses two smaller but very versatile rooms, both overlooking the Reggia, which are also suitable for business dinners. The atmosphere is very convivial, enlivened by soft, warm lighting.
In summer, the dinners are also set up outside in the large outdoor area, where guests are literally transported into the regal seventeenth-century atmosphere of the extraordinary Savoy residence.

Dining at Il Convito, one of the most exclusive restaurants in Venaria, is like actually tasting the Reggia.

Every dish, created as a profound and modern reinterpretation of culinary tradition, offers emotions that stimulate the imagination and delight the senses. The imagination lights up around the view of the towers, the courtyard and the church, offering suggestions that are hard to forget. A journey through taste and history, between yesterday and today.


The chef, Christian Contu, is a passionate explorer and his journeys often lead to an in-depth reinterpretation of the traditional cuisine that inspires him. This is what makes his menus so exclusive, combining new flavours with old, in creations of the utmost elegance.


The art of cooking and the aesthetics that go into the plating up of food, the quality of the raw materials and the choice of seasonal produce become the essential ingredient.


At Il Convito della Venaria you can enjoy the finest wines. The restaurant’s cellar is filled with labels from renowned Italian and international wineries, along with less well-known wines, made by small producers from grape-varieties that aren’t quite so famous, with particular and unprecedented stories to tell.


Thanks to its splendid location, Il Convito della Venaria becomes the ideal place to celebrate almost any event: from weddings to First Holy Communions and christenings, as well as graduation and birthday parties. For these events, the restaurant can cater for up to 40 guests.

Among the restaurants in Turin and its province, Il Convito della Venaria is able to offer you a memorable taste experience in one of the most evocative places in Italy.



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